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Estimate your refuse - We will measure it up once loaded, and you will be billed accordingly. 


All Concrete/bricks/pavers/soil must be booked separately and can not be mixed with general waste. (We have come across a lot of removals where the heavy fill is mixed and we have to take this to WCC where they charge by weight at $170 per tonne if its mixed with heavy materials)


For jobs with difficult access in which the loading takes longer than 1 hour, there is an additional $90 charge per hour.



We can not take Polystyrene with general loads  - they have to be booked separately and are tipped at an Upper Hutt recycling facility which will incur an additional cost of $5 a cube + $60 travel fee (added to final invoice) - The travel charge will only apply to jobs that are in the lower Wellington region.


Treated timber must go to the WCC, additional cost may accrue

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