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Humble Beginnings

James Gardiner had always been passionate about the environment. He was born and raised in “x”, New Zealand, and he always felt a connection to the natural beauty of his home. As he grew older, he became increasingly concerned about the impact that human activity was having on the environment. In particular, he was troubled by the amount of waste that was being generated in his community and the negative impact it was having on the environment.

One day, while driving home from work, James noticed a large pile of rubbish that had been dumped illegally on the side of the road. He was shocked by the sight and saddened by the fact that someone could treat their environment with such little respect. It was at that moment that James decided to take action.

He knew that there was a need for a more responsible and sustainable approach to rubbish removal in his community, and he saw an opportunity to help build a better city by taking the hassle and stress out of rubbish removals for residential, construction, and commercial waste.

With this in mind, James founded Tidy Site in 2017. He knew that he needed to create a service that would be both affordable and accessible to everyone in the community, and he set out to build a team of professionals who shared his passion for the environment.

Our Success

Since then, Tidy Site has grown into a successful and respected business, serving the greater Wellington and Auckland communities. James is proud of what he has accomplished and the impact he has had on his community. He knows that there is still much work to be done to create a cleaner, more sustainable city, but he is committed to making a positive difference and to inspiring others to do the same.


A Builders Background

In addition to his passion for the environment, James ia also a builder by trade. He knows firsthand the stress and hassle of having to fill a skip and pay experienced builders to do this, wasting their time and energy on tasks that were not related to their core work. He realized that there was a need for a more efficient and cost-effective approach to rubbish removals, one that would allow builders to focus on what they do best and leave the waste removal to the experts. This is why he designed Tidy Site to be a service that is easy to use, convenient, and affordable, and that is tailored to the needs of builders and other professionals who need to manage waste on a regular basis. Through Tidy Site, James has created a valuable resource for the building and construction industry, and he is proud to have made their jobs easier and more efficient.



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